NEWS ALERT:  October 9, 2018 

U.S. electromagnetic weapons expanding in Canada

Raytheon Canada, subsidiary of U.S. defence contractor Raytheon, operates the North Warning System, the radar arrays on our northern border that replaced the Distant Early Warning (DEW) line. Canada and U.S. are in talks to replace them with advanced sensors and to add new sites. New “threat vectors” such as improved Russian cruise missiles require new electromagnetic engineering miracles.

“Such technologies could include radars that can scan long distances over the horizon or could possibly be space-based sensors, according to the 2016 DND Strategy Document…the sensors could be plugged in to the Pentagon’s missile defence system…”.

Canada provides the site, upkeep and maintenance; the US owns and operates the radar and radio equipment. The cost is not estimated, but “can be expected to run into the billions of dollars” (according to Ernie Regehr, a senior fellow at the Simons Foundation).

“On April 12, the federal government awarded a $2.7 million contract to researchers at the University of Waterloo to develop new quantum radar technology to improve the detection of objects, including missiles and stealth aircraft, in the Canadian Arctic’”

“A joint study on continental defence is expected to be finished by next year, Department of National Defence spokesman Dan Le Bouthillier told Postmedia.”

__________________________________________________________________________________        National Post in the Vancouver Sun: David Pugliese in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut:

“The Thinning White Line” NP3, October 9, 2018. __________________________________________________________________________________

Raytheon owns the patents for the ionospheric heater. The company provides all weather modelling for the US Weather Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA); their employees are subject to an illegal gag order. Do they also provide Canada’s hi-tech weather models? 

The US has long pressured Canada to pay more for ‘defence’—also known as aggression. Without public awareness and protest, we will be paying billions for this cozy arrangement with the fox in our henhouse: for government collusion in this stealth takeover of our sovereignty; for advancing electromagnetic geo-terrorism and weather warfare; for enabling US world hegemony.

UPDATE:  January 18, 2019: ‘Star Wars’, the ballistic missile defence system deemed too expensive to build—at $100 to $1000 billion—in President Carter’s time, is being resurrected by Donald Trump and the Pentagon as a stand-alone “Space Force” to “keep America safe” from North Korea, Iran, and the usual suspects: Russia and China: advancing the new Cold War, and the New World Order.

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Bio: Organizing public meetings, actions, and coalitions with local and international organizations on emerging eco-social issues has been my work for several decades. Drs. Rosalie Bertell, Hazel Henderson, Amory Lovins and Paul Connett brought their solutions to BC. The help of my sister, her daughter and son, friends and co-workers, and citizen activists around the province and country made these decades of sharing information and spirit possible. Work in support of Indigenous Nations, learning with Elder mentors, and teaching in public school on reserve, showed me how Respect for each other, and for all life, sustains collective, matriarchal Nations over thousands of years. My warrior mother and father, who brought their first three children (including infant me) through WW2 in Europe inspire me. Rosalie Bertell, Haida Matriarch Lavina White, Secwepemc Chief George Manuel, Tahltan Elder Willie Brown; Lynn Rutherford, and the many activists who are with us in spirit: I continue their work with active hope.

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